Mothers Circle

Mothers Circle

Dear Mothers of Lisbon,

This Circle we will talk about 'patience'. Our children can ask for a lot of patience. What helps you to keep patient? Patient with your kids, but also with your own projects that maybe can not get as much time as you'd wish with a family life. And also patient in your relationship, because our partners can't always deliver what we aspect from them. And not to forget being patient with yourself!  We will take a look at our patience level and how we can have a more relaxed, flexible and joyful attitude towards life. 

These Mother Circles are organised by Empowering the Mother's Journey.

The journey of a mother is a long one. It is a journey that taks us to unforeseen places full of surprises, patience and impatience, doubts and a huge amount of Love. 

We need courage and trust to keep on going step by step. 

To avoid traveling in loneliness we create this Mother circle. For support, care, inspiration and joy!

The circles will be hosted by Milagros and Rosanna. Both mothers. Milagros is an experienced Kundalini Yoga teacher en Rosanna is an Art therapist. Both are also students of the Kundalini pregnancy yoga course 'The Mother's Journey'. 

We will make sure to create a safe environment to welcome you in. There will be both space to share experiences and time for a guided exercise. 

Pregnant women and baby's under the age of 6 months are welcome too! 

The circles will take place at 'Little Yoga Space' http://www.littleyogaspacelisboa.com/contact.html
A perfect intimate and central location. 

The price this beautiful event is 10€

Hope to see you Saturday 20 of October at 16:00.


Milagros and Rosanna
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