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Movement and Improvisation Classes

Movement and Improvisation Classes

This class is meant for anyone with an interest in exploring movement as a way to express, connect, bring awareness, and create, with their bodies and minds. The aim is to create a non-judgmental, non-performative environment for anyone to explore the possibilities of movement of their own and other bodies, with a strong emphasis on awareness, sensation, authenticity and expression. Professional dancers will benefit from unlearning/relearning their very approach to movement, in its most organic way. Absolute novices will be encouraged to reach places they never explored before, both physically and mentally. And of course anyone in between those two extremes will be able to find something valuable in this practice.
The class typically starts with a warm up that helps you mindfully connect with your body and senses while finding your physicality. It then moves on to exploring embodiment of ideas and qualities, while unleashing bodily creativity and intelligence, either individually, or in groups where trust has been established. Each class or series of class typically explores a particular theme, more or less general, and adapted to the group. You will get to work with your own bodies, other’s bodies, your bodies’ own music, objects, technological devices, etc. The classes are open to all levels and experiences, from absolute beginners to professional dancers. Come with an open mind!

Dates for October:
Oct 14 / Oct 21 / Oct 28
19h to 21h

This is a regular class that will continue throughout the year. Dates will be announced on a monthly basis.

LOCATION: ACCCA - Companhia Clara Andermatt, Rua dos Caetanos 26, 1.º andar, 1200-109 Lisboa. (portão verde)

9€ / 1 class (professionals 7€)
32€ / 4 classes (professionals 24€)
56€ / 8 classes (professionals 40€)

Please register through email at baraka.kim@gmail.com.

Kim Baraka is a dance artist and scientist from Beirut, based between Lisbon and Pittsburgh, USA. Growing up, he received a neo-classical dance training and performed for 6 years throughout the Arab World with the Beirut Dance Company, one of Lebanon’s only contemporary dance companies. Starting 2014, he moves to the USA where he develops an interest and subsequent training in improvisational dance methods, building on techniques such as Authentic Movement, Gaga, Movement Research, and Post-Jazz. He was part of the Pillow Projects in Pittsburgh, an improvisational dance company with which he collaborated on a series of multidisciplinary projects and performances.
In 2017, he created his first solo piece, Struction, which he performed in Beirut, Pittsburgh and Lisbon. He is currently part of Co-Dance, a Lisbon-based platform for independent performers, where he continues to create choreographic work. 
His interest in both art and science brought him to collaborate on several interdisciplinary projects, including with scientists, musicians, poets and visual artists through the Pillow Projects’ Invisible Jazz Labs, and projects involving improvisational dance with robots.
In 2017, he started his own movement and improvisation classes, with the vision of creating a safe space for self-expression, community building, creative investigation, and reflection through action, which he has shared with the local community in Lisbon and Beirut through workshops and regular classes.
In his scientific career, he is a researcher in Human-Robot Interaction at Carnegie Mellon University (Pittsburgh) and Instituto Superior Tecnico (Lisbon), where he pursues a dual degree PhD in Robotics, focused on populations with special needs such as children with autism.
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