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09:00 até às 14:30
Balance Workshop and Vegan Brunch

Balance Workshop and Vegan Brunch

Attention yogis, crossfitters, computer workers, runners, cooks, dancers, moms, dads, surfers, students, young, old — basically everyone!

Balance is one of the most important skills we need in our lives, yet it’s one that most don’t actively train (spoiler: we can!!). We often think we either ‘have it or we don’t.’ How often have you heard “I want to join that yoga class/try handstand/dance routine but I just don’t have any balance.” It can be learned and it can be simple. 

Nobody was born with balance - it is all a learning experience. 

Mobile and stable ankles and feet, solid core and posture, strong hip joints and a healthy spine are some of the physical pillars of good balance. While body awareness, trust, and focus are some of the mental pillars.

This is important for all levels and all skill sets. 

Use the secrets of foot activation to gain steadiness in yoga postures. Learn to control your hips to become better in Olympic lifts, squats, and lunges. Understand how your focus and attention to mental training will bring your practice to new heights. Explore barefoot training to find ease standing, moving, and balancing on one leg in various environments. Learn the intricacies of the hands and shoulders to finally nail that handstand! Activate and understand the core to do absolutely everything better!!

And balance isn’t just in the body and mind - it’s in the belly!! We need a balanced lifestyle of great food made from healthy sources. Thats why we are including a fresh, homemade VEGAN BRUNCH!! Come try some things you never tasted before, all clean and all healthy!

In our workshop we will work with the following:

-Barefoot training
-Prop work (dowels, straps, balls)
-Partner games
-Jump drills
-Asana (yoga posture) entries and exits
-Blindfold proprioception movements
-and finally - inversions/handbalancing!

Join us for a playful exploration of balance, trust, reconnection with your body and with your view on movement. Try something different and learn new ideas :)

25 euros

Must reserve place at moveplayflow@gmail.com
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