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Ashtanga Yoga Class

Ashtanga Yoga Class

Ashtanga yoga practice suitable for all levels!
Bring your mat, energy and warm clothes for the evening.
Please note that the location can change every week, so check the event page!
To confirm your presence just send me a message on FB.

Come to experience Ashtanga!

Ashtanga means eight limbs or branches, of which asana or physical yoga posture is merely one branch, breath or pranayama is another. Both Pattabhi Jois and Sharath Jois, his grandson, encourage practice of Ashtanga Yoga - all eight limbs.

Ashtanga Yoga is is a highly structured vinyasa-style class.The first series begins with ten sun salutations (five A and five B), continues with a series of standing poses done on each side, and finishes with a set of inversions and seated poses, which are linked by a vinyasa sequence.

The ultimate purpose of the Ashtanga practice is purification of the body and mind. By moving so quickly and powerfully, you will get a lot of tapas and everything extra, physical and mental, will have to get out the way. This practice has a strong sense of purpose and you are forced to focus and grow.

Samantha Mancino (IT)
Is an Ashtanga yoga teacher, certified by Yoga Alliance (200h RYT, India ) and AFIM (50h, Spain). She's a doctor in Neuroscience. Her research is related to compulsions such as addiction and compulsive eating behaviors, and to anxiety and depression. She is currently involved in several collaborations, including the creation of a program that combines these psychiatric conditions with a yoga practice. As a Pharmacist, she has a passion for Phytotherapy and she has created her own line of Natural Cosmetic preparations, AllGreen Kosm-ethics (www.facebook.com/cosmoHomeMade). 
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