14:00 até às 18:00
Emre Küheylan: Masterclass and Film Screening

Emre Küheylan: Masterclass and Film Screening

This is a free event - but you will need to RSVP to secure your place, as we have limited places available.  


This is a full evening of masterclass followed by a film screening "Overcrowding" followed by an open discussion

Photography Curation Masterclass

The masterclass examines the curatorial process in photography. Participants will have a chance to learn the highlights of photography curation and how to think like a photography curator. They will discover the importance of visual storytelling and exhibition making by combining different works and projects.

Overcrowding – Photography Screening

Population growth is one of the most important problems facing many countries around the world today. Industrialized cities, decreasing agricultural resources in rural regions, new economic opportunities provided by big cities, and external migration have a significant role in this population increase. In this photography screening, we will be able to see the examples of these changes related to population growth around the world. Results of socioeconomic change and environmental transformation are questioning in different geographies.
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