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Acroyoga Workshop

Acroyoga Workshop

Júlia Giesbrecht and Gabi Dal Ponte are two Brazilian teachers of AcroYoga. They work together in academies, events and festivals around Brazil. While passing through Portugal, they're happy to share a workshop focused on AcroYoga Transitions. 

For those who do not yet know: Acroyoga is a practice that unites Yoga, Acrobatics and Massage in an intelligent, fun way that allows challenging and high-acrobatic exercises to become super safe and accessible! In addition, it works on the development of body awareness in doubles, trios, or groups, creates opportunities to give and receive, support and be supported, developing self-confidence and self-confidence. Physically assists in balance, strength, flexibility and sensitivity.

To ensure a practice accessible at all levels and also with some challenges, the class is built progressively, based on:
- Yoga exercises to work on individual attention
- stretching and strengthening
- collaborative games for the integration of practitioners
- double acrobatic postures and challenging and fluid transitions between them with progressions and alignment
- relaxation for the release of muscular tension

It's for all levels! We are very open to exchange knowledge and strengthen practitioners helping in the individual development of each one!


DAY 1 // 9 am - 11 am 
Exercises of Integration, Alignment and Balance in the fundamental postures for the transition.

DAY 2 // 9am - 11am
Exercises of exploration of movements of movements between the fundamental postures.


DAY 1: 18 €
DAY 2: 18 €
DAY 1 + DAY 2 = 32 €
Os eventos publicados estão sujeitos a adiamento ou cancelamento devido ao surto de Coronavírus. Recomendamos que confirme toda a informação junto do promotor oficial deste evento. Por favor contacte-nos se detectar que existe alguma informação incorrecta.
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