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Sociocracy, Permaculture and Food Forest Course Azores Portugal

Sociocracy, Permaculture and Food Forest Course Azores Portugal

Hello regenerative communnity!,

Our school of permaculture and regenerative activities, the New School of Permaculture, is really excited to present 3 courses on the Azores Islands in Portugal:
The SMC Sociocracy Management Course, from 3 to 6 Oct
the PDC Permaculture Design Course from 13 to 22 Oct
and the PFC Permaculture Forest Course, from 24 to 28 Oct

This will be a great opportunity for you to get all the social and ecological skill to develop your own personal project and to get people involved and all the support you need. And to add even more to that Azores is one of the most beautiful places we teach!!

If you want to know more keep reading:

But, first of all What is Permaculture?
Permaculture is a sustainable design system that provides for human needs while having positive effects on the surrounding environment.  It is based on the ethics of earth care, people care and fair share, and provides practical solutions to the global crises we are currently facing.

And the Permaculture Design Course  is the course that creates the certified permaculturists. During the course, we will be discussing about the current socio environmental crisis and the possible solutions, starting from an understanding of the functioning of natural systems, patterns of nature, bio-construction, water management, successive agroforestry, food ecological and solidarity economy.

And What is Sociocracy?
Sociocracy is a governance system designed to protect and apply the values that democracies cherish. Unlike current democracies, it is also a governance structure designed to make sure those values will be applied as equally as possible for everyone.  It is both a social ideal that values equality and the rights of people to decide the conditions under which they live and work, and an effective method of organizing collaborative and productive organizations as associations, businesses, and governments, large and small.

And what about the New School of Permaculture?
The New School Permaculture is a non formal school with the vision to create harmonious social and ecological learning environments.  The intention with our courses is to empower our students so that they become more connected with their dreams and passions and more aware about how to create beneficial connections that will contribute to our local and global dreams.


The course is presented by creative non formal education methods, that are based on creating a bridge between the right and left side of the brain, so that the analytical and creative abilities of the students get fully stimulated and get the most out of the experience. For many people who took the course with us it is being the most empowering and inspiring transformative process of their lives!.

 In this course you will have the chance to answer questions like this ones:!

How can i get more connected with nature and understand how it works?
In what way can i save energy on everything i do?
How can i recover and redesign areas or objects in a way that they become more ecological and nature friendly?
How can i live a more healthy life without having to buy so many chemical products?
How can i develop or be part of a network of people that is inspired to be of positive change to this world?

 And also you will have the chance to co-create ideas for making expectations like this ones to come true:

I want to develop design skills and find a new way of thinking.
I want to support other people to find a way to live a low impact lifestyle  
I would like to be living connected with nature working the same way it works.
I see myself living with a community that works together.
I want to recover an old farm and live with what it can produce.

Whatever your plans for the future are, the Sociocracy Course, the Permaculture Design Course and the Food Forest Course will give you the perspective and tools required to find positive solutions towards a sustainable life that creates abundance for all organisms and natural systems.

Who will be teaching?

Helder Valente 

Helder studied and worked with pioneers like Bill Mollison and Geoff Lawton in Turkey, Doug Bullock in the Amazon, Rosemary Morrow in Austria, Graham Bell in Scotland, Darren dougherty, Ernst Gotcsh, Sepp Holzer in Portugal and many others in countries like Haiti, Canada, Egipt, Finland, Peru, always learning and practicing this sustainable design methods. While living in the city he dedicated 5 years on developing urban permaculture projects and for the last 5 years traveling and developing permaculture institutes around the world. 


John Buck

John Buck was the first sociocratic consultant outside The Netherlands certified to teach and implement the Sociocratic Circle-Organization Method (SCM)in the United States and continues to mentor trainers and consultants in all the English-speaking countries. John specializes in organizational structure, decision-making, meeting and retreat facilitation, and conflict resolution. He had extensive experience in managing hundreds of workers in both government and corporate sectors internationally when he met Gerard Endenburg in the early 1980s. In order to study sociocracy, John learned Dutch and translated numerous documents from Dutch to English. He is coauthor with Sharon Villines of We the People: Consenting to a Deeper Democracy

Edwin Maria John 

Father Edwin Maria John, is a United Nations recognized leader for his work in organizing more than 300,000 "neighborhood parliaments" in southern India using Sociocracy. He is part of Neighbourhood Community Network (NCN), a non- governmental organization,  founded in Secunderabad, Telengana, India, now enjoying Special Consultative Status with UN ECOSOC.  NCN works for a multi-tier global federation of Neighbourhood Parliaments of about 30 families each to ensure viable structures for participatory democracy and sustainable development, nurturing downward accountability to work towards an equitable and just society.. 

His work has inspired the formation of hundreds of   thousands of neighbourhood-based units of women, children and youth in India and a few other countries.  Tamilnadu- Pondicherry State Parliament of Children, promoted by NCN, won the global UN- San Marino Alexander Bodini award for the best child-led organization for child rights action.

This is a inspiring interview with Edwin John in spring of 2017:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D5OIi94

Where will the course be?
This course will be in the beautiful subtropical island of S. Miguel. It has amazing microclimates, you can find plants from cold climates like chestnuts or rhubarb with tropical fruits like mangoes or pineaples all growing very close.


To have access to the PDF with full information about the 3 courses and SUBSCRIBE send a email to: maininfonsp@gmail.com

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Thank you for all your support!

May the force of collaboration be our guide!
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