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JORGE CAIADO (Balance, Groovement, Carpet & Snare Records) [dj set] + KARL VERKLEIDET [dj set]

Acesso: 5 euros + consumo de uma bebida
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It is true what they say about age not being equal to status. At 28 years of age and with his first record released in 2012, you listen to a Jorge Caiado production or DJ set and get the distinct feeling that you are in the presence of a tried and tested veteran of the scene.

This impression isn’t a result of beginner’s luck. Caiado carries with him the musical and technical baggage of a heavy weight, and propel sit with the emotion and enthusiasm for his craft of someone who falls in love with music everyday as if it was the first time. His background comes from a degree in Sound Engineering and as a student in the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy (Madrid, 2011), one of a few Portuguese artists to achieve that distinction. The rest comes from something which either you have or you don’t: natural talent and insatiable curiosity about music. At least, it seemed enough for house music legend Chez Damier to take him under his wing and tutorship, giving him his first release, “Beyond The Atlantic”, on his influential Balance label, with a further step of giving Jorge the chance to develop his own label inside Balance’s catalogue which turned into Caiado’s new project, Inner Balance.

Add to that the remix duties for Giles Smith on Secretsundaze label, Terrence Parker and Orlando Voorn, and you’ve got an impressive production pedigree, which is matched with his history in the DJ booth: regular gigs in the most important clubs and festivals in Portugal (Lux-Frágil, Ministerium Club, Musicbox, Industria Club, Gare Porto, Optimus Alive, Neo-Pop) have cemented Caiado’s standing as one of the country’s top DJs in the 12 years he’s been spinning.

His focus and drive still sees him finding time to be the label manager and executive producer for the Portuguese Groovement label and also weave the tapestry of his own record shop in Lisbon – Carpet & Snares Records – which is much more than that, serving as a hub for players and new comers in Lisbon’s underground music scene. His eagerness to help the scene grow is reflected in the shop’s monthly events, where the concept is to continually give opportunities to aspiring DJ’s to play for a crowd in more trying circumstances.

Moved by the same passion whether he’s in the studio, in the booth or simply talking to you about music, the student is becoming the teacher. Let Jorge Caiado take you to school.

Mais info aqui: https://stereogun.com/evento/jorge-caiado/


KARL VERKLEIDET é um dos alter-egos de um DJ com cerca de 30 anos de carreira cuja identidade tem vindo a ser mantida em segredo. Melómano profundo e coleccionador de discos, KARL VERKLEIDET aproveita o persona criado atrás de uma máscara para incursar nos meandros da tech-house, do etnho-house e do deep-house, nunca descurando o techno e as suas infindáveis vertentes. Dançar é palavra de ordem!
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