Arrábida Sinfónica

Arrábida Sinfónica

Friday 22:00
Praceta Exterior Norte do ArrábidaShopping

Orquestra Sinfónica do Porto Casa da Música
Otto Tausk direcção musical

Maurice Ravel Alborada del gracioso
Manuel de Falla O chapéu de três bicos
Maurice Ravel La valse
Zoltan Kodály Danças de Galanta

Some pieces of symphonic music bring together the perfection of music writing and the enormous capacity to immediately win over an audience, and this programme is a prime example of that. It is the dance that rules an absolutely contagious set, written by authors completely aware of the rhythms that were most popular in the first half of the twentieth century. The concert begins with a Spanish colouring in a festive atmosphere portrayed by Ravel, evidencing the traditional castanets and tremendously theatrical choreographic images. Visiting the ambience of the nineteen-century ballrooms, the famous La Valse is another incursion of the French composer into the dance rhythms. The jota and the farruca are traditional dances from Andalusia that Manuel de Falla transposed to the orchestra, suggesting the use of the guitar strings in brilliant orchestrations, which can be found in memorable moments of his ballet The Three-Cornerd Hat. The concert ends with Dances of Galanta, a work built on the memories of Kodály who, in his childhood, lived a few years in the city of Galanta (which is part of Slovakia today). Worth mentioning is the presence of a military dance from Hungary, in which the musicians alternate slow and fast rhythms in an apparent improvisation.

Fonte: http://www.casadamusica.com/pt/agenda/2018/06/22-junho-2018-arrabida-sinfonica/2200/?lang=pt
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