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Polaroid Walk #3

Polaroid Walk #3

Join us once again for our polaroid walk of Lisbon!

We'll be re-launching this on Saturday 28th of April and we will be doing it several times a week from now on.

See www.analoglx.com for more info and to book your place!

The walk will last approximately 3 hours and is conducted in English in small groups, maximum 8 people.

The walk includes:

• Rental of a vintage Polaroid instant camera and a fresh pack of film (colour) [8 photos] More film can be purchased if you so wish.

• An introduction to different cameras from the Polaroid family and a brief history of the company itself

• Tips on how to use the camera and taking good pictures

• Our guides are professional artists or photographers.

This is is not a historical tour but, we hope, an alternative way of looking at the city in smaller groups than your average city tour.

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