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18:00 até às 12:00
Yoga & Satsang Retreat | Tiger Singleton & Cristina Guerra

Yoga & Satsang Retreat | Tiger Singleton & Cristina Guerra

250€ - 275€
Yoga & Satsang Retreat

Join us for a long weekend of relaxation and self-rediscovery in the peaceful Portuguese countryside. Combining yoga and satsang, this four-day retreat in the humble and natural surrounds of Grandola off the southern coast of Portugal will help you to rediscover and reconnect with your true self in a convivial atmosphere among like-minded people.

Guided by the premise that your own personal truth already resides within, shaded only by the contrivances of everyday modern life, this retreat aims to help you shed those unwanted layers of conditioning and tap into your existing self-knowledge so that you can better embrace your genuine self and live your life in accordance with your true personal desires.  
Let Tiger Singleton (satsang) and Cristina Guerra (yoga/nidra) guide you in what promises to be a both relaxing and deeply insightful excursion, with a daily program of yoga and satsang complemented by an open, relaxed evening schedule filled with meaningful discussions and a menu of locally crafted foods and wines befitting the warm summer nights. 

Info & Reservations: www.sarvangaflow.com
 Tiger Singleton. With an open heart Tiger holds space for a profound exploration into the art of being (you). His sharing gently guide you into the direction of seeing the real opportunity of this life; to See the miracle that you are, just Be, and Share the love that you are. By default he invites you to look within, and sincerely investigate the relationship with yourself (how do you see yourself?) and all the ways you deny yourself with imagined self-imposed limitations. Ultimately leaving you with the undeniable truth that what you crave most in this life is what you already are. Tiger is compassionately disruptive and unapologetically direct in his attempts to articulate the nature of everything, exposing the depth of beauty in the experience and opportunity of being a human being. Tiger sets the stage for the discovery of a deeper sincerity of authentic connection with yourself & all of life, so you simply cannot longer deny the absolute freedom to just be yourself, dance in this life, and sing your heart’s song. 

+ info » www.inlightconnect.com

 Cristina Guerra is a professional yoga and meditation instructor currently based in the vibrant city of Amsterdam. Hailing from Portugal, Cristina has hosted classes and workshops in yoga for transformation and tantric meditation across Southeast Asia, the Middle East, Europe and Australia and has a deep interest in the healing aspects of yoga and its potential for personal and spiritual growth. Cristina believes that people can gain a greater self-knowledge and awareness of their personal resistances through Yoga and Nidra and a path by which to overcome these limitations. 

+ info » sarvangaflow.com

 Reserve & sign up by sending an e-mail to: sarvangaflow@gmail.com  

 Mama-Adama is a sustainable project in growth created in a natural environment, aiming to stimulate a new human consciousness through its spiritual community, ecovillage and international centre for holistic learning. The project offers a creative home to people from all over the world while promoting inner listening and self-knowledge.

+ info  » www.mama-adama.nl
           » facebook.com/pg/mamaadamaorg

Daily Program  

8h » Hatha Vinyasa Yoga
9h30 » Breakfast
10h30 » Satsang
13h » Lunch
15h » Satsang
17h30 » Tea Break
18h » Restorative & Yoga Nidra
19h » Dinner

Package: Stay in the dormitory for 275€ or pitch a tent and camp under the stars for 250€ @ sarvangaflow@gmail.com

More information www.sarvangaflow.com
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