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Candidaturas ao Mestrado e Especialização em Medicina Tradicional Chinesa - ICBAS UP

Candidaturas ao Mestrado e Especialização em Medicina Tradicional Chinesa - ICBAS UP

 Entre 03 e 14 de julho de 2017 decorre a 2ª fase de candidaturas ao Mestrado e Especialização em Medicina Tradicional Chinesa do Instituto de Ciências Biomédicas Abel Salazar da Universidade do Porto.

Para mais informações consultar ICBAS / Oferta formativa 2017-2018 / Especialização ou Mestrado

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Master / Specialization on Tradicional Chinese Medicine
2017 -2018
The teaching of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is based on an integrative and scientific
perspective in order to demystify taking advantage of the eastern knowledge accumulated over
millennia. The program emphasizes the logics between TCM and western medical and natural
sciences. According to the model of Heidelberg, the diagnosis of MTC can be understood as an
assessment of vegetative and skeletal-muscle functions of the body. The appropriate therapy is
based on a process triggered by reflexology, acupuncture, tuina, moxibustion, dietary, chinese
phytopharmacology, biofeedback exercises of Qi Gong. This model attempts to restore the entire
energy and neuro-vegetative balance in the whole body.

Master / Specialization Conditions in TCM
The master course of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has the main goal to prepare
professionals and end-students from medicine, health and life science field, adjusting the classic
TCM concepts, based on the Heidelberg Model, to the logical, critic and scientific knowledge of the conventional medicine.
The TCM learning should develop at four levels: level 1 - terminology and main basic concepts on
TCM concerning diagnose theory, therapy and clinic strategies; level 2 – advance and supervised
clinic training on diagnose, acupuncture, manual techniques (tuina) and respiratory exercises (Qi
gong) and pharmacotherapy and dietetic theory; level 3 – clinic instruction and practical sessions
tutored and clinic cases discussion; level 4 – research work presented under scientific monograph
(only in the case for a master degree).
To have access to this course the students must have: a degree in medicine, dental medicine,
veterinary, psychology, physiotherapy, nursing, pharmacy, occupational therapy or other holders of
degree or legal equivalent in areas of health, life sciences or sport provided with a curriculum that
demonstrate adequate scientific preparation for the course.

Requirements of Programmes
1 - To obtain the TCM Specialization Certificate, the student must first complete the curricular part
with positive ratting relatively to frequencies, home works, reports on clinic cases, tutorial work and final exams, corresponding to 70 ECTS, in total.
2 - To obtain the TCM Master Diploma, the students have additionally to accomplish the master
thesis, composed by a bibliography research, or scientific project proposal or practical research
work in the field of the course. The final thesis work must be presented under the written and oral
forms in order to obtain the additional 50 ECTS.

Candidates: With Degree / Masters in the area of Medical and Health Sciences
Applications: 1st phase - from 4th to 24th April, 2017; 2nd Phase – from 3 to 14th July, 2017
Results Presentation: at 8th May of 2017 (1st phase)
CV: Academic qualifications, professional training and experience
Registration: From 5th to 16th June of 2017; 11th to 18th September of 2017
Course Begining: 18th September of 2017
Schedule: Post-labour, mostly at weekends
Fees: Specialization - 4.000 €; Master – 4.000 €
Vacancies: Specializatiion - 35v; Master – 15+5v
Time: Specialization - 3 semesters; Master - 4 semesters
Local: ICBAS – Universidade do Porto
Partnerships: Heidelberg Clinical School of Chinese Medicine; Instituto de Neurociências, Porto; Tor Vergata University Rome; HanseMerkur TCM Centre-University Clinics of Hamburg Eppendorf; University of Mainz; Cardiovascular Centre, Römstedter; Dept.Ginecology, Heidelberg Univ.; Shanghai Research Center of Acupuncture and Meridian; Fudan University of Shangai; Macau University of Science & Technology
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