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True Happiness, Real Freedom – A Retreat for Women

True Happiness, Real Freedom – A Retreat for Women

Everyone wants to be happy but what is true happiness? Everyone wants to be free but what is real freedom? If you were asked these questions, what would you say? If you are interested in a transformative journey into these questions then you are invited to a retreat for women led by Cynthia Bampton..

So when a group of women come together a love and respect for each other can rise to the surface of our experience.  We can start to understand that whatever we think is my personal problem can be understood by all women, and whatever I am ashamed of is not unique to me. There is power in understanding that I am not small, insignificant or tainted in any way.  There is power to know that who I am at the deepest level has never been wounded or traumatized by anything that has ever happened to me. There is joy in seeing through separation and pure happiness in being with other women in trust, honesty, interest and commitment to a higher level of consciousness in oneself and in supporting this in other women.
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