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Dreamfield Design Days

Dreamfield Design Days

The Dreamfield Eco-Project is hosting 10 Dreamfield Design Days!


Project Design
During 10 days we work on the design of the Dreamfield Learning Center for Expansion of Consciousness and its residential area for a future small community. Every day we focus on a different topic, such as water, gardens and forest, people, building, etc… We start the session with a sharing about the topic, so that everybody learns new facts he/she can use in the design. Then participants work out their design suggestions alone or in group, that they later discuss with the others. At the end of the 10 days, the group makes a unified design based on the conclusions from the individual sessions. This design will be the main inspiration of the founders of the Dreamfield when developing the landscape and infrastructure.

Community Building
By taking part in this activity, you will be introduced to techniques of community building, an important focus of the Dreamfield. This means that some time will be dedicated to bringing the group closer together, and to allow participants to share their feelings and desires.

How Much?

A self-responsible donation is appreciated between 7 and 10 Euros per day. If this is too much, or you think you can help us better in another way, please let us know.
We definitely recommend to take part to all the 10 days of the course, but it is not mandatory.

Food and accommodation?

All food is cooked by the participants. The shopping, cooking and cleaning is organized together, based on agreements made at the beginning of the meeting.

The accommodation is in tents (bring your own). There is a communal kitchen, compost toilets, and showers with bucket. We also provide shade for the design sessions.

Free time?

There will be some time each day to relax or do something else. Around the middle of the design days, there will be a free day, on which we can all go to the lake together. During the free time, participants can propose activities that others can take part in if they want, such as yoga, meditation, walks, dance, …
At night we can entertain each other and play music!

Send us an e-mail if you are interested in taking part or if you have any questions!

You can join the Dreamfield Design Days Event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/237432649966348/
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