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Congresso Internacional 'The Social World after Covid-19'

Congresso Internacional "The Social World after Covid-19"

The appearance in December 2019 in the Chinese city of Wuhan of a new virus, would change social dynamics around the world. What was taken for granted was suddenly suspended and normality was reconfigured with new attitudes and behaviors. It is now important to rethink the lessons we can learn from what we already live, but above all from what we are still living. This congress seeks to go further and think about what can be a post-pandemic situation, that is, to think in a theoretical situation what can happen to our social world after the pandemic.
The International Congress - The Social World after Covid-19 workshop it is therefore, an opportunity to share investigations and ongoing essays about social (artistic, philosophical, political, economic, among others) dimensions implicated in the phenomenon of pandemic.
Os eventos publicados estão sujeitos a adiamento ou cancelamento devido ao surto de Coronavírus. Recomendamos que confirme toda a informação junto do promotor oficial deste evento. Por favor contacte-nos se detectar que existe alguma informação incorrecta.
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